Kompakt Edition: Lagerwirtschaft.


Pocket edition: Inventory management.

One of the main focuses of the SCM is to optimize inventory costs due to their large impact on logistics costs. In this book the fundamentals, technologies and methods of the Inventory management are described based on the current thinking of the logistics / SCM.

Beschaffungs- und Lagerwirtschaft, Gabler, Wiesbaden 2012

Bichler, Krohn, Riedel, Schöppach:

Procurement and inventory management, Gabler, Wiesbaden 2012.

The goal of logistics is to make processes more cost-optimized and resource-efficient. The procurement and the inventory management is an integral part of it where they primarily engage in the purchase and storage of the goods. This book presents the fundamentals, technologies and processes and combines the latest thinking and developments in the logistics industry. Reasons for changes include the increasing globalization, shorter production cycles and the associated cost and innovation pressure. The combination of theory and practical experience of the authors provides a holistic understanding of the procurement and inventory management and therefore of the logistics.