Projectmanagement & Organization

The multidisciplinary coordination of different subsections is a crucial point for the economic implementation of projects. The main aspects are the compliance with budgets, on schedule commissioning and the quality and timely implemented requirements. The organization of tasks as well as responsibilities is the basis for a successful project management. Continuous improvements within the framework of CIP workshops to support the implementation of effective measures.

Cost management

  • Commercial project controlling
  • Support with commercial project closeouts
  • Creation of certificates for the application of funds
  • Claim management

Schedule management

  • Active schedule management using up-to-date tools
  • Critical path method (cpm)
  • Benchmarks

Quality Management

  • Performance Controlling
  • Task forcing
  • Process reporting

Process management

  • Active process management together with all associated services
  • Plan auditing
  • Set-up of a plan’s administration (plan coding, electronic administration etc.)


  • Development of optimal organization structures
  • Make or Buy – Analyses / Out – or Insourcing
  • Increase in efficiency at “non-productive areas”
  • Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)
  • Moderation and Coaching