Factory planning

In order to plan factories and production facilities all requirements of future users must be reconciled with the requirements of the building to come up with a Taylor-made solution for each individual customer. The equipment, the systems or the property should be adaptable, modular, and efficient. The linkage to logistics is a key component for the operations.

Introduction of production planning and control systems (ERP systems)

  • Vertical integration, manufacturing strategies
  • Define the requirements for the ERP system
  • System Configuration and Deployment

Planning and optimization of production areas

  • Analysis by MTM
  • Interface design to logistics
  • Optimization of production
  • Implementation support
  • Factory Planning / Plant Structure Planning

Factory Planning / Plant Structure Planning

  • Production structure analysis
  • Vertical integration
  • logistics Strategy
  • Infrastructure and layout

Simulation using eM-Plant

  • Variant calculation
  • Bottle-neck analysis
  • Qualifying simulation depth