Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. (AHM), Győr, Hungary

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Investigate the potential of the motors in sequence of a “pearl necklace” supply chain


Audi Hungaria Motor Kft. (AHM), Györ, Ungarn

Project duration


Brief description

The goal of this project was the general improvement of the logistics performance and the development of a general base for further economic optimisations of the supply chains in the VW group.

Therefore a pilot project was started with AHM and a selected client for the motor sequence supply in form of a pearl necklace.

Before enlarging the project range, the potential had to be analysed. Therefore every roll-out level was investigated for its

  • volume of invests
  • quantity of stock reduction
  • current costs: benefit ratio
  • space balance

The results were presented to the management to decide about the implementation in other plants of the VW group.

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